Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hello again! Christening gown for my newest grandbaby Gabriel- check! Easter dress for Cardyn - check! Easter panties/bloomers to match - check! Shadow work collar - check! Smocked dress - check! A little facelift for the blog - check! Heaven's to's been busy! Three more Easter outfits to go and I can look into some other fun things that are popping up around the corner! One of which is to get this little blog the way I'd like it to be. I have found so much inspiration and information from fellow sewing enthusiasts and truly appreciate the sharing community of those who love to sew. It seems with each "click of the mouse" I am finding more and more beautiful things created from the fingertips of some very talented people!

Speaking of talented people - many blessings flow from the fingertips and one that I am particularly proud of happens to be my sister, Barbara Davis. Barbara is an extremely blessed and talented artist. Her sweet spirit flows through the tips of her paintbrushes, as you will see. Refresh your spirit and visit her blog - it's listed on my sidebar!

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